Security Softball Game

The softball game is a new and fun way for the security industry to come together and raise money for needy children in America. Sponsorships are available at the bronze, silver, gold and platinum levels. Platinum level sponsors each have the opportunity to put two players on the field while silver and gold sponsors are each allowed one. Proceeds generated by the event will be contributed to Mission 500’s #ShowOrange campaign, which was created to generate awareness and funding to help alleviate child poverty in America.

Important Event Details:

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How do I register to participate in the game?

Players will be selected by sponsors in Silver (1 Player), Gold (1 Player), and Platinum (2 Players) categories. The minimum sponsorship commitment for a position on the field is $1,500.

What is the cost involved?

Sponsorships commitments range from $500 to $1,500. Entry to the game is free and comes with complimentary food and a baseball cap.

Does all of it go to charity?

Yes, all net proceeds collected from the event will be donated to the Show Orange Campaign, an initiative formed to help children living in poverty in America.

What time will the game start?


Where will the game take place?


Will there be food at the event?

Yes, please show up with an empty stomach! There will be plenty of food and drinks to go around for everyone!

Will there be awards after the race?

Yes, following directly after the game the MVP will be announced.

Where do players pick up their jerseys and hats?

Jerseys and hats will be waiting for players in their respective dugouts.

When is the cut off to register as a player?

Players must register no later than 5 weeks before the game.

When is the cut off to register as a player?

Kathryn Robinson at krobinson@mission500.org


kid_softball1Promoting awareness and active fundraising is important when raising funds for children in crisis. You can sign up to fundraise for the event by creating your own, customizable fund raising page, or making donation to a sponsor of your choice. Our goal is to raise $100,000 which will feed, educate, clothe and provide health care to needy children around the USA.





Samsung Techwin raised $320 for children in need!

Samsung is a leading supplier of advanced video surveillance solutions for IP, analog and hybrid video systems. Building on the company’s history
of innovation, Samsung Security Systems is dedicated to providing systems solutions with the highest levels of performance, reliability and cost-efficiency. Samsung Techwin is committed to the continued development of innovative systems products for professional security applications.



ISC Events raised $300 for children in need!

ISC Events, the International Security Conferences, are the nation’s leading security events. At each event, you’ll join thousands of manufacturers, dealers/installers, system integrators, and end-users of security from around the world to source, learn, network, and connect with the security industry.




CBP Magazine raised $100 for children in need!

Commercial Building Products Magazine is a Business-to-business magazine serving architects/specifiers, contractors, and owners in the commercial-construction market.


As a show of solidarity and support to the industry’s response to children in crisis, we are welcoming volunteers to come alongside and help make this event successful. This implies many details and logistics, and because 100% of what Mission 500 collects goes directly to the program, we are in need of volunteers to help with different aspects of the race and the awards reception. Industry volunteers will be participating in the following areas:


Callers: Calling past attendees and local news outlets. Our goal is to TRIPLE attendance this year, and can’t do it without your help! We invite volunteers to dedicate a few hours a week to reach out to potential attendees in the area such as local security businesses, past attendees, and local news  stations.

Pre Game Set Up: We are looking for some early risers to help us unload trucks and set up banners before guests arrive!

Photographer: Help us capture these special moments by volunteering to be the game day photographer! Photographer will be asked to capture action shots, team photos, spectators, sponsorship incentives, and more.

Cook: Sign up to be the game day cook! Volunteer will be asked to barbeque hot dogs and veggie burgers for players and spectators. Player

Coordinators: Coordinators will be asked to make sure each team has everything they need such as jerseys, hats, water and more! They will also be asked to coordinate players positions and batting orders as well.

Book Keepers: Some of the proceeds will reflect game stats, so it’s vital that we keep track of all homeruns and RBI’s. Book keepers will remain in the dugout for the duration of the game and don’t need any previous experience.

Umpires: We are calling on two umpires that can oversee the game. Minimal experience is needed.

DJ: What’s a softball game without the music to go along with it? DJ will be asked to play pre/post game music, walk up songs, and music in between innings. No experience needed. Ipod can be provided.

Announcer: We are looking for an experienced announcer to help with play by play stats and player/sponsor acknowledgement. Someone similar with the industry who can recognize sponsors is preferred.

Cheerleaders: Required during the game to hold up signs, applaud and encourage players —a vital role to play in making the event fun!

Post Game Clean Up: Stick around after the game and help us take down banners, load up the truck, and clean up any trash that may be left behind.

We are very grateful for our volunteers and hope you will considered volunteering your time at the big game! We are happy to offer community hours for high school and college students. Please contact Kat at krobinson@mission500.org for more information.

There is no better investment of time and money that in the life of a child. They are the future. — Alma Powell


The MVP Award is awarded to the sponsor that raises the most funds by TBD. All individual sponsors who raise over $500 will enter the 500 Club and receive our one of a kind track jacket.

2015 Winner:



2015 Winner:



About Mission 500

Mission 500 is a non-profit organization dedicated to serving the needs of children and communities in crisis. By using its intimate knowledge of the security industry, Mission 500 has helped focus industry efforts on sponsoring at least 500 Children in World Vision’s program—with 100 percent of funds raised going directly to World Vision’s humanitarian efforts. Through corporate sponsorships and donors, the volunteer-driven initiative has increased the number of sponsored children to more than 1,000. For more information on contributions or sponsorships, please visit www.mission500.org or contact George Fletcher at pr@mission500.org.